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Supreme Enlightenment, Perfect Enlightenment Of Tathagata

Tathagata's love for Mankind and New Ordeals that came from his Enlightenment.

Tathagata had never ever been interested in the word Enlightenment until he became forty-two years old. He started to stay in a small island called Yeon-hwa-do (lotus island) since 13th of October 1984. He did not specially know someone in the island. His house was by the valley half way up the big mountain. There were two or three houses around his house but when there were no people coming in and out he felt no human traces all day. After about one month later since he started to stay there, it was nearly at the end of November. It was very windy outside and he felt especially tranquility inside room that day.


Suddenly Tathagata had this thinking came across from inside himself at that moment. Who am ? And then the self gave him the answer, You will know that when you go over the state of "ip sin". He asked to himself again. Then, how can I enter the state of "ip sin" ? The answer came from himself this time again. Go back to the world before birth. So he started to count numbers, laid himself in the room and closed his eyes as he was directed by himself, 42, 41, 40, 39 and at the very moment when he finished to count the last one he could see the empty space where there was nothing exist. Soon after, he came back to everyday life. Since this happened there came tremendous changes to him. He did not feel bored even though he stayed in the room for several days and the idea of complicated things of the world did not occur to him.

His mind was always calm when the days he stayed alone. And sometimes when he thought or when he saw things that exist he became to recognize the questions that the existing things have. And when he saw the questions he became to know easily what were in the questions. From this time whenever he was conscious of something, his queries in his consciousness were being solved straightaway. After this experience, he knew who he was and he could understand why he had a different life from others.

Tathagata received messages twice from the sky since his enlightenment. At the very moment when he was deeply impressed, as if his heart seemed to burst, these words conveyed to him through his heart. The first message let him know that the world could be saved by conscience, justice and love. And the second message told him that someone who knew the Truth would become lonely and if someone spoke the Truth one would be cursed. He went back to his family after he stayed in Yeon-Hwa-Do (lotus island) for two years. But from this time he had to face things that he could not understand.

When he met people around him, they tried to avoid him and when he tried to tell things in truth, most of them ridiculed or argued with him. He could not say his words easily because of this. So he went out to look for strangers but most of them were not different from people who he saw around him. He had to have a new anguish from this time. When the day came he had nowhere to go and as the night went darker he had to stay up thinking all sorts over. And the same thing repeated innumerably.

From April in 1988 he started to travel abroad and he went to Japan alone without any companion. He knew no one in Japan at that time as well as there was nobody who could help him. Once he arrived in Japan there were many things that bothered him. Neither could he communicate nor read and write foreign languages, so he could not even ask the way. When he came out of his accommodation he measured a certain object by eye so that he could find his place. When he found an appropriate place as he walked along the road he put his message on the ground that he prepared by himself and let passing people see it. But it was not allowed for a long time in any place. Policemen came straightaway as if they knew, then he had to explain what he was doing by using body languages and left the place to a different place.

Eventually he had to find a Korean who he had to pay as an interpreter. At last, he found an interpreter so he visited newspaper publishers and broadcasting stations in the city and kept after them for an opportunity to prove his words and truth. It was about 15 days later since he had arrived in Japan. One day when he left his room for a few minutes leaving his belongings he was burgled and all his money that he had was taken. He was in the situation where he could not stay any longer in such a place where he could not communicate and it even became difficult for him to return his country.

October in the same year, Tathagata went to travel with a companion. At first, he met Prayan Seong Bon, the teacher of the King of Thailand, and Tathagata explained to him the difference between the teaching of Buddha and the teaching of modern Buddhism. Secondly, he preached about the principle which let things of the world exist in the Dhammasatan in Chulalongchon University, the best university in Thailand. Thirdly, he introduced things that exist in individuals with the subject of the world of Enlightenment in Chulabhuratan Buddhist monks school in Bangkok. And he tried to enter India through Nepal but he had to come back from the border line. In 1989, he left for India again.

The first place where he delivered his teaching was the estate of J.P. Vaswani, one of the ten famous gurus in India, who was living in Pune. Vaswani, who invited Tathagata after reading Tathagata's message, asked Tathagata, "How could you recognize who is Enlightened or who is not?" Tathagata answered, "When I see what is I can find out immediately whether they are enlightened or not". As soon as Vaswani heard that he changed his attitude and paid respect, "You are the one who truly is Enlightened" he said. The next day he went to Pune University by the invitation of the vice chancellor, Dr. Kupte. Kupte asked, "Could you tell me where my soul is ?" Tathagata answered when he heard Kupte's question, "A bean produces a bean plant and a bean plant produces beans. Your soul is placed within yourself and you produce your soul through what you do. And you will be reborn through your soul after your death." Kupte said when he listened to Tathagata, "Many people amongst us put a lot of effort in order to know that but none of us could find out." When Tathagata left Pune he went to Delhi. He received an invitation from Dr. Agwani, the vice chancellor of Nehru University, through people who delivered Tathagata's message. When Agwani saw Tathagata he asked this question at first, "How are you being treated in your country?" When Tathagata heard that he started to laugh and he said, "I am the person who is not even treated well from my wife at home." As if Agwani solved his curiosity he said like this with respectable attitude, "You are a truthful person. And I believe your Enlightenment." Tathagata saw many things while he was travelling the world. And he has travelled abroad several tens of times and he has taught things in truth throughout hundreds of lectures and individual meetings. But no one could recognise what he was doing and no one wanted to know things that exist in themselves. He continues his lonely travels in order to prevent the destruction of human world only with his own ability.

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