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Enlightenment and Tathagata's Struggle and Ordeals Through Enlightenment

Tathagata, the reincarnation of Buddha, made himself to be born among people who had the most difficult life in the world. And he made himself to be taught and learned by things that exist in him, he found out the greatest Enlightenment in himself which nobody could achieve through tens of thousands years time.

Tathagata was born in 21st February 1942 (lunar calendar) in a country called Chosun (old name of Korea) which was located in east part of Asia. His house was in the mountain which was far away from the village and he had three brothers and one sister, all of them were under 10 years old at that time.

His father was in a situation that he could not even look after himself because of his long-term illness and his mother had to look after her family's life from a situation that there were no grounds ready for living.

From the very day of his birth Tathagata had to get fed with boiled water of root of trees and wild edible greens for his hunger and a few days after he was born he was thrown outside the door several times by his father and in more severe case he had been abandoned in the mountains. One year after he was born he lost his father through death and his two older brothers also died from starvation. After this happened his mother left the house in the mountain and moved to a small house in a nearby village, Bak seok gol. From that time he had to be left alone in the house during the day. His mother came home after she worked in the village everyday without missing even one day as well as his older sister who was living together did not stay home during the day time. Tathagata spent his childhood without receiving any affection by anyone because of the situation at home.

When Tathagata was nine years old his mother died from a disease as she had gone through many difficulties from two wars and three years of bad harvest after she had Tathagata and left young Tathagata alone. Since his mother died Tathagata had nobody to depend on any more.

When he became eleven years old the house that his mother left had gone to someone else's hand and there was nobody who wanted to help him in such a situation. So he had to leave his village alone at very young age. He visited his relatives house in a city for the first time. But their circumstances were also too bad for young Tathagata to stay for a long time. When the night came there was no place in a room for him and when the day came he felt uncomfortable to show his pitiful self. So he had to leave there one day or another and he had to wonder through strange streets because of that. From that moment he made himself to learn the method of living without bothering others. At first, when he saw a carter with a heavy load having difficulty because the carter could not go up the steep hill, he pushed from the behind all the way and helped the carter's work. Then he bought some newspapers and sold them with the money he got from the carter for bread and he had to overcome all the trials by himself from that moment.

When he was hungry he had to drink underground water out of a pump in the street until he was full and sometimes he had to solve his hunger by eating shells and muscles that he caught from an isolated seaside where nobody was around. He had to do any job in order to escape from his hunger. Even though when he was suffering from searing pains and pulling pains in all of his body because of continuously engaging heavy labour but he had to continue the same work again the next day. Later he wrote about this in his autobiography like this, "I thought nothing at that time but my only dream was that I wanted to become an adult quickly so that I could feed myself enough by my own ability. He had to spend such a long day after day because of his situation until his age reached seventeen. When he was seventeen years old he could join the army. He was discharged from the service when he became a healthy and energetic young man from the six years of army life. What he wanted to do at that time was becoming a good politician, so he established a political party and tried to contact people around him in order to accomplish his intention. At last he could stand before public together with other candidates in dignified manner at 26 years age.

He became familiar with many people very soon by his healthy physique, smart appearance and good communication skills and he made a legendary story of himself through these by himself. He never ever compromised with injustice in any cases nor did things which would damage others in all his life. But people were not willing to give an opportunity to someone like him so that he could do service for his country. Not even less than one year since his name became known, tremendous incidents happened in the society where he was living and people who had political power proclaimed law by exercising government power to indiscriminately suppress people with conscience and justice. He saw his political party being dissolved and people around him were sent to prison. He had been put under surveillance and he felt lonely when he saw people feeling fear because they might be damaged when they became close to him.

For the first time he felt a dependent mind on someone at that time and took this opportunity when he met his wife and got married on 13th of May in 1973. When he and his wife had a son and a daughter he could not place responsibility on his wife for their living any more. He needed income but he could not find a job, so he set up a business by himself. His business, which he started with his bare hands, succeeded to produce the best income among the same line of businesses within a year. People around him started to talk about him with pleasure when this happened and taking this opportunity he started to attract public attention again. So he could not ignore his conscience even though he was under all sorts of bad conditions. In October 1978 he warned the public like this, "An answer is in the question. We should not place the future of this country on people who hide problems. Politics do not exist for people who have wealth, an academic clique and dignity. They believe that everything will be solved because they shut our mouth, ears and eyes but it will only bring about the destruction of our country."

After the election his words became the cause to explode. He had to sufferer by government power several times and when he knew that a conspiracy was creating in order to arrest him, he gave up all his activities by himself. At that time Tathagata was thirty-six years old and he did not want to be concerned with the reality of the country any more since he had noticed that his country tried to kill him.

He turned to alcohol in order to forget things of the world but people around him, who knew him, felt sorry for his ability. When he was forty years old he started to write sitting in his house in order to arrange his life. When his autobiography was published in 1983 he looked for a solitary island and a mountain for a while. From this time he was thinking that he had to leave for his new life to somewhere.

Travel of Reincarnated Buddha

Mr. Sam Han Lee who was born in Korea says himself he is Tathagata who has reincarnated from Buddha.
He is 64 years old and he says that there was the Supreme Enlightenment in 1984 and that he has been continuously travelling his lonely travels in order to prevent the destruction of human world.

He has been to about twenty countries up to now such as USA, Japan, Britain, France, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Kenya, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria and Uganda and he is planning to visit all the countries in the world from now on.

Through his written message he let people to know the contents as below.

I say that I am a truthful person.
I came to the world to save mankind and I continue my lonely travels to
prevent the destruction of the human world.
I can solve the problems in the world, which nobody has been able to recognize until now and I can reveal the secrets which exist in the world of life.
I can recognize the true colour of gods which appear in the human world and the problems which is caused by them.
I know the truth about the end of the world which has been passed down that
it will happen in this age.
I can reveal the true nature of destiny and I can help people, who want a good life, to change their problems in themselves.
I can confirm easily the symptoms which are difficult to be traced by modern medical technology and I can introduce the information about medicine of next generation which makes it possible to recover in a short period of time from a state that is difficult to be cured because of deterioration of the function of the body.
I ask for your personal confirmation about the contents of this message and I appeal for your participation in the work of saving yourself and mankind.

He says that the purpose of his travel is to reveal things in problems that individual human beings have. If anyone wants to have a meeting with him it is possible anytime and he answers all the questions right away.

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