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Enlightenment - The Teaching Of Tathagata - The Truth

All the intentions of this world are in the minds of human beings, where all good and bad things are created. There's paradise and hell in the mind because the mind has every way in it. The Truth is in this world and truths are in the minds of humans. All the phenomena which appears in this world are truths. Truth, in the mind which can see this truth, is filled with virtue. A person with good virtue always reaps the benefit, but someone who lacks virtue always meets with disaster as a result. Virtuous people always like goodness, but those who lack virtue always like bad things.

The foundation of virtue is in the mind.
The foundation of Truth is in this world.


Consciousness is like an electric wave, it transmits and receives meaning. A seed has an 'eye'. The 'eye' is its consciousness. The consciousness was made from a background of earth, environment and past lives. All the past life of the seed appears again in the 'eye'. But if the conditions of the earth and the environment change, then the result will be different. The changed condition will be encoded in the plant. All the existence of a human being was made in the past. The consciousness appears the same as in the past.

The World of Life

Nowadays there are many people who live around us and they all have different characters and lifestyles.
In order to understand things in ourselves first we have to know about consciousness and the function of the human body, but there are many people who still do not easily understand things like this.

Then let's study about what is consciousness and what we call the human body. Consciousness is an organ which expresses and decides your ideas and saves things like what you have seen, heard and learned. The human body is our body itself which is an organ that exists for the growth and activity of consciousness.

The reason why everybody has different characters and hobbies is because things which are saved in our consciousness are different. If something goes into the consciousness it does not easily disappear even if it is a very small thing. It will affect your activity continuously.

The basis of consciousness is made by things which were latent in you and these things exist by what happened to you.

Therefore every activity is the way of existing yourself and everything exists through this activity in the world of life.

When we make good things through knowing things that exist and through what is, consciousness accepts that. When we know wrong things and let wrong things exist, consciousness accepts the wrong things. These things which were accepted by our consciousness will affect the activity of consciousness.

If you want a good life but cannot obtain it, the reason why is because of things what happened to you. We call these things in your consciousness which control you, karma. This karma is in you through things what happened to you.

If this karma disappears in a living person then the person will reach the degree of nirvana and can be an Enlightened Being. Therefore anyone who knows this does not make mistakes easily. To say not to make mistakes means not to do something carelessly whatever situation exists.

The reason why the world of human being wanted Enlightenment is to live with knowing these things. If there is Enlightenment people will see things as they exist and depend on things that exist rather than depending on their ideas.

Consciousness of people is acting by things in the past which were recorded in themselves and the phenomenon which appears from this is different.

Some people are not making mistakes but achieve success in their business and make a fortune even though they are not educated nor inherited anything. But other people are not like that even though they are well educated and inherited a good fortune. These facts exist by the effect of karma which runs down from past lives. These things are not changeable if you live without being enlightened about things in the world even if you study a lot.

If you want to know about someone, first you have to see their basis and foundation. This is a phrase which has run down from the past. This means that if you want to make a friend with someone you have to see the person's life and behaviour.

Life expresses things or accepts things of it's own through the activity of consciousness. Things what happened in this life will decide things that will happen after death, rebirth and future life. The reason why this is happening is that the activity of life is remaining in consciousness and the things that existed in consciousness will appear in activity of life. But there are many people who still do not want to believe these kind of things because they do not have good karma.

People say things like "If you die that is it, there is no world after death." Most of them deny things that they will have to experience.

The world of after death is after the world of activity of life. The world of after death is the state of separation between consciousness and the human body which is the world of existence of consciousness.

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